Are you planning to get one of the most durable and efficient heat pump hot water systems? Before buying one, people always think of how long their system can work to avoid breakdown anytime soon. It's so because the failure of water heaters is something that people find alarming.

Though professionals can easily fix them, they even require replacement once in a while. Now the question arises, how long do these hot water systems last? Or, for how long are they worth your investment?

In this section, you will figure out how long these varieties of hot water systems last. Also, you will get to know what factors affect their lifespan. 

So scroll down to learn crucial tips for getting the most out of your water heaters.

How Long Do Hot Water Systems Last?

Well, on average, these hot water heaters are long-lasting. Earlier, their life expectancy lasted approximately 10-15 years. This life expectancy depends on the quality and type of system you install at home. However, credit to emerging technological developments, its lifespan has been extended to around 20-25 years. Before this time, they only needed a replacement once used with proper care and maintenance. 

What factors contribute to the smooth functioning of heat pump hot water systems?

The different materials, models, and processes hot water systems use for delivering hot water to your property or household also play a dominant role in affecting the lifespan of a heat pump water heater.

Moreover, a heat pump's long life is directly related to its design - when you talk about newer models, there's nothing much that goes bad.

Their life expectancy may also differ, depending on the manufacturer. Also, having a proper maintenance contract in place may contribute to extending their efficient working along with their life expectancy. 

When considering everything as to how long a hot water system lasts, it is further significant to determine the types of hot water systems you're using in most properties and homes.

If we think of a continuous gas-powered hot water system, it has a life expectancy of around 20 years if you use it properly. However, an electric hot water system usually lasts up to 12 years when properly maintained and cared for.

In all, when compared to different water heaters, heat pumps undoubtedly win the race in terms of longevity. 

Electric, gas, and oil boilers may last for around 10 – 12 years before their parts require replacement. These may be the parts that your manufacturer may have stopped producing. But not to worry, SunCity Hot Water is a proficient manufacturer that will try to incorporate the best parts when you need any repairs.

Usually, the primary thing that goes wrong in a water heater is the compressor. This increases the temperature of the refrigerant in your heat pump. 

As this element only sometimes proves unproductive, it's more prone to go wrong or burn out with time. Therefore, the breaking of this component can't be helped.

How old your heater is will make the experts identify whether you should replace the compressor or it's time to do the replacement of the whole unit.

Moreover, if your heat pump reaches 20 years of age, it's possible to economically replace the entire system by contacting us right away.

We have newer models in a place with much better efficiency than the old systems.

From manufacturer to manufacturer, the warranty period of a water heater varies. However, it shouldn't fail before five years as it must replace faulty parts within five years, and 1-year warranty should be there on the labour required for installing these replacement parts.

SunCity Hot Water - Offering Lifetime Guarantee on all Expertise

In all, we always have a crystal clear warranty explanation policy on any equipment. Also, our 360-degree efficient Service & Maintenance packages will help you offer the longest life to your system.

We take pride in being trusted by the most reputable hot water heater manufacturers in Australia in terms of the services and warranty we offer on their behalf.

Our widespread knowledge regarding the whole water heater system leaves not even a single part to get things to go wrong.

Suncity Hot Water's highly trained hot water professionals are licensed to bring out the best repairing, installation, and diagnostic services - whether Heat, Solar, Gas, or Electric Pump, we got you covered.